Getting started
Is this satellite internet?

No, satellite internet makes very long distance links to satellites orbiting the earth making it slow and sluggish. Our equipment makes relatively short links along the ground meaning its super responsive.

How does it work?

We use focussed point-to-point Wi-Fi devices to transmit a signal from location to location using line-of-sight. The frequencies used are defined by OFCOM and we hold a licence to work within them.

Is Stix internet radio equipment dangerous?

No, the frequency used by our equipment is the same 5ghz wifi signal that comes out of the wifi router you most likely already have in your home. The difference being that our signal is focussed through an antenna designed to send it in one direction.

Who do I contact if I have a problem?

As we are a small local company, we don’t have mind numbing call centres that keep you on hold for hours. We have a core network that responds to any issues you may have very quickly, you can call and email our staff directly. We are proactive in ensuring our network is reliable and we will sometimes know and fix an issue before you know of it.

Can the weather affect my signal?

No, not at all. Come snow, rain, fog, frost, wind, hail. The signal is not affected at all.

Can the signal be bounced from property to property if I dont have line-of-sight?

Yes, as the signal is of very high quality, if there is an obstruction we can land on your neighbour’s house and then transmit it to you. In fact we offer a discount in subscription to customers who help us reach others.

How much discount can I get if I help my neighbour get connected?

We offer 10% discount on each additional customer we reach via your property. So if we reach 10 others via you, you get our monthly service total free of charge.

Can I get a fixed IP address?

All our packages either come with a fixed IP address so you are able to configure any external applications to connect to your home or office network if required.

What equipment do I require?

Stix Internet provide everything you need. We install a discreet powered antenna with all required mountings on the outside of your property and wifi router inside to enable standard wifi and wired connections within your home or office. If you have a particularly large house/office or very thick walls, Stix can quote for additional equipment to assist you with distribution throughout your home.

How much electricity will my powered antenna use?

Our equipment uses very small amounts of electricity. We use different antenna depending on the distance you are from the signal source but typically they will use 6 to 10 watts/hour peak usage. This roughly works out at 80p per month.

Can I use my own router?

If your router supports an RJ45 WAN connection-using PPPOE protocol, then yes.

Is Stix Internet service good for online gaming?

Yes, our signal is ESPECIALLY good for gaming due to its super responsive, super low latency (generally between 10-20m/s).

Will my service ever go down?

We aim for 99% up-time on all our connections over a 12 month period. All our sites have battery backup  and are monitored religiously. In the event of a fault we react extremely quickly and carry spares to ensure continuation of service. You will be notified in advance of any planned maintenance, with the work being carried out wherever possible, at non-peak times (often 6am Sunday morning).

Does Stix Internet monitor the websites I view?

No, we don’t monitor content we just monitor traffic flow.

Telephone lines
Do I need to keep my telephone line for this?

No, our network is entirely independent of Openreach and all associated companies so a phone line is not required meaning no line rental costs.

Can Stix provide a landline telephone number with this service?

Yes, we can assist with setting up a local geographical landline using VOIP (voice over internet protocol). VOIP is very much the future of telephony with superior call quality and features. Costing from £2/month.

Can I keep my current landline number?

Yes, your current number can be ported across to your new VOIP service for a small additional one-off charge.

Will my current telephone handset work with VOIP?

A device called an analogue telephone adaptor (ATA) can be supplied (small additional cost) to convert your current handset to work with the latest VOIP technology.

How much data can I use?

All our packages at Stix Internet ltd are totally unlimited, meaning you can surf, stream, email, game, download and upload as much as you like.

Where does Stix Internet get its connectivity from?

Stix Internet currently have multiple gigabit fibre bearers connected to our core network from TalkTalk Business and Virgin Media business. In the event of a fault with our connection we have a 5 hour fix guarantee from our suppliers.

Will I get the upload and download speed advertised?

Yes, if you’re not getting very close to the advertised speeds, something is not right. Here at Stix we have designed our network to comfortably handle the number of users we add on to it, we don’t just add customers and hope it will cope. Our traffic is constantly graphed and monitored and any links approaching capacity will be upgraded before becoming a bottleneck. (Speed tests must be carried out on a cabled connection at the router using as wifi may vary throughout your property).

How long does installation take?

Generally standard installation takes up to 3 hours.

Why is the installation cost subject to survey?

95% of installations can be completed within the quoted price but some installations require particularly long or difficult cable runs or due to the size, type or location of the building additional specialist equipment such as scaffold or a boom lift.

Is Stix Internet compatible with SkyHD & SkyQ?

Yes, we will even ensure its up and running correctly before we complete your installation.

Is Stix Internet compatible with Sonos, Amazon Alexa, Apple TV or any other streaming/smart device?

Yes, Stix internet works with any smart home device requiring wired or wireless connection to the internet using standard TCP/IP internet protocol.

If I have a BT or other email address can I use it through Stix?

Most email addresses are not dependent on the provider you took them out with so will work if you subscribe to Stix. However, sometimes your email box can be part of a hosting subscription you pay with your internet service provider, so if you cancel your connection with them you lose or greatly reduce the hosting space for your email. We suggest you ask your current provider if this is the case or ask us and we can look into this for you.

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